Sustainability policy

Howard Johnson Mayorazgo hotel is committed to creating a greener world and being responsible for our environment. Our sustainability policy reflects its pledge to environmental protection, rational use of power, promotion of local culture and making not only our staff, but also our guests environmentally-conscious.

  1. Environmental protection
  2. Minimizing our environmental footprint and preserving our region’s natural beauty.
  3. Implementing waste reduction practices in every hotel area, such as reducing waste and promoting waste sorting.
  4. Saving water by adopting best practices and emphasizing our guests to use water responsibly.

  • Rational use of energy
  • Reducing our power consumption.
  • Power efficiency: using more efficient lighting and air-conditioning technologies.
  • Renewable energy: we are considering incorporating renewable energy sources, e.g. solar panels, in order to reduce carbon footprint.

  • Place a value on our local culture and community
  • Supporting and praising our region’s cultural and artistic wealth.
  • Local goods: prioritizing the purchase of local products and food for our restaurant, so as to support our local producers.
  • Cultural events: encouraging events and activities that promote our local culture, as art exhibitions, music performances and craft fairs.
  • Creating local jobs and boosting gender equity.

  • Approach to best practices and development of environmental awareness
  • Fostering a culture of environmental awareness among our employees and guests.
  • Environmental education: providing our guests with information and resources about sustainable practices and stressing the importance of preserving the natural environment.
  • Work team formation: training them in sustainable practices and encourage them to be ambassadors of sustainability in their work and lives.

This policy is an ongoing commitment that will guide our actions and decisions. By taking concrete actions to protect the environment, using resources responsibly, supporting our local community and promoting environmental awareness, we are contributing to a brighter, more sustainable future for our region and the world.

Together, we can make a difference.